The difference of this project from other online directories of organisations:

  • kz – is the most detailed guide of business centres in Kazakhstan with an easy search;
  • The website is aimed primarily at price comparison of business centres and search of a convenient office space (price per sq. m., location, date of construction, number of floors and elevators);
  • There is an ability to check whether tenants provide the same type of services, which the company that is in search of premises is also engaged in;
  • In the near future on our website you will find addresses and telephone numbers of all business centres of Kazakhstan;
  • Through our project you can easily find an office space either in Astana or Almaty.
The project differs from other catalogs organizations:

Information concerning Business centres

Featuring your business centre on our website is completely free of charge! In order to do this you need to provide the following information:

1) Price per sq. m. (if the price per sq. m. varies, please indicate an approximate average price);
2) Contact telephone numbers and address (telephone number of BC administration), location area;
3) Date of operational commissioning (;
4) The area available for rent (approximate);
5) Does the rental price include cleaning, if not what is the price of cleaning per sq. m.? Does the rental price include rent of a parking lot, the Internet?
6) Availability of parking lots (covered, above-ground, underground);
7) Business centre class;
8) The total number of offices;
9) Number of floors;
10) Number of offices for sale (approximate);
11) Availability of a canteen or snack bar;
12) A photograph and full name of the business centre.

The information needs to be sent to the e-mail: or you can give us a call on +7 (707) 909 49 90, +7 (708) 425 65 21.

For each of the featured business centres we try to give an administrative panel so that you can monitor the information on our website and keep it up to date yourself.

- Why being featured on your website is completely free of charge? 
- Being featured on our website is completely free of charge because the project is just starting to gain popularity. Featuring is completely free of charge except the first 3 positions for each city.
What are these first 3 positions? Why are they provided on a paying basis?
- This is the first model of the project monetisation. All business centres featured on the website will change their positions on the list in a random manner. Only in the first 3 positions paid by the business centres themselves will remain on top of the list. Each of these three positions costs 20 000 KZT.
I have a business, can I advertise it through your website?
Of course you can advertise your business through our website. For more detailed information please dial: +7 (707) 909 49 90 or +7 (708) 425 65 21.
- What else does your company do?

The main activity of our company is the design and development of websites in Kazakhstan. We are also engaged in websites promotion, design of price quotes, banners and etc.

 This main activity our company.